For fleets of
e-cargo bikes
e-cargo bikes

Automated Planning,
Adapted to Faster Urban Deliveries

Scaling your operations, merging same & next-day deliveries

Plans powered by AI-driven predictions of demands, risks and service times

Choosing the right vehicle for the right job

The increasing demands of urban deliveries add a new level of difficulty for dispatchers.

πŸ‘Load Capacity
πŸ‘ŽParking Time
πŸ‘ŽSpeed in Congested Areas
πŸ‘ŽLoad Capacity
πŸ‘Parking Time
πŸ‘Speed in Congested Areas
πŸ‘Load Capacity
πŸ‘Parking Time
πŸ‘Speed in Congested Areas

Our algorithms use the strengths of different vehicles, according to where they are operating, to empower your fleet.

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Take vehicle speed, levels of congestion, and availability of parking into account in your plans.

Leave the right headroom for short-notice deliveries in your plan

Predict what happens tomorrow

Use your historical delivery patterns to predict where and when your deliveries will happen to help you deliver more.

Don’t be limited by the constraints of automation


Augment your decision-making powers

Easily customise your priorities and adjust your plan. Guide your decisions by exploring the impacts of alternative scenarios.

Cancelled jobs, mechanical failures, and shift changes can disrupt plans


Plan continuously

We make sure your plan remains optimal when the unexpected happens.

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The Power of Prediction

Accept more same-day deliveries

Know where your same-day demands are ahead of time based on your historical patterns of delivery and seasonality.

Delivery routes are pre-planned to maximise chances of accepting same-day delivery requests on the day.

Consolidate multiple deliveries in one go

Detect jobs that can be carried together and reduce distances driven.

Avoid failed consolidations by predicting the risk of delays and exceeding vehicle capacity.

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